Although they look cool, colors can actually hurt your teeth and slow down your tooth movement.

Orthodontic colors are made from a material just like a rubber band. When we place colors on your teeth, it is like holding the same rubber band in your mouth for the full 6 to 10 week period between your appointments. That is holding the same rubber band in your mouth right next to your teeth for months.

Even with good oral hygiene, can you imagine how much bacteria and plaque are stuck around this rubber band after several months in your mouth? Yuck!!!!

Clinical results show that teeth move faster with good oral hygiene. Your body can direct its blood flow to moving your teeth rather than fighting infection caused by poor oral hygiene. We don’t want to help you make your teeth move slower.

Decalcified areas on your teeth show up as frosty white or brown stains in a square around your bracket. These stains are permanent scars to your enamel.

Self-ligating bracket systems, like the Damon System that we use, have brackets that hold the wire in with a “door”. It has eliminated the need for rubber bands to hold the wire in place. This means less discomfort because they do not need to be “tightened”; they work more efficiently, usually meaning less time you have to wear them and best of all achieve a better result.

While we realize that colors are fun, we care about your beautiful smile too much to help damage it. Help us make your smile as perfect as possible!

The photo below is an example of healthy teeth (left image) and teeth with Decalcified areas (right image)