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Improving the way braces straighten your teeth.

At Explore orthodontics, Dr. Kay Daniel uses only self-ligating braces, a pioneering technology that can make treatment more efficient, more comfortable and less time-consuming. This bracket system holds the wire to the tooth with a sliding door built into the bracket itself. This creates a tunnel allowing the wire to slide freely and does away with the need for bacteria-ridden colored elastics.

Your child shouldn't have colored braces

In orthodontics, straightening teeth is achieved by a wire attached to the teeth that exerts force to slowly reposition them. With traditional braces, that wire is secured to the bracket with a colored elastic band. This method of attachment prevents the wire from sliding, in turn causing friction and, as a result, discomfort. The colors also stretch and must be replaced periodically. In addition, colors can trap food, stain teeth and harbor bacteria that can cause tooth decay and decalcification.

In recent studies, patients wearing colored elastics for just one week retained more bacteria (including oral steptococci) in the plaque at tooth surfaces. Such bacteria can lead to enamel breakdown as well as potential discoloration that can have a lifelong impact.

Self-ligation offers many advantages over traditional braces

A frictionless system, self-ligating braces cause less discomfort than traditional braces. The sliding will allow teeth to be aligned quickly. Without colors, cleaning is easier, staining is less likely and there is less opportunity for bacteria to become an issue or to hinder treatment. Here are some of the other advantages offered by Damon Self-Ligating braces:

  • Fewer adjustments, so fewer office visits
  • Easier adjustments for shorter appointments
  • Significantly less need for extractions or headgear
  • Available esthetic brackets for minimal visibility
  • Shorter total duration of treatment in most cases
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